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This is a list of testimonials from past and present piano students. As it is a new page it may not yet show any or many piano student testimonials. More will be added as time goes on…

Greg Norman

I have had lessons from Greg for about 3 years and have learnt a lot. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of music is evident, and he is very patient and generous with his time. I’m an adult learner who has come back to the piano after a long break and am really glad that I did.

Katrine April 18, 2017

Impressed and Very Appreciative.

I am a mature-age student of Gregs and cannot speak highly enough of his teaching skills. Always patient, Greg continually makes me strive to do my very best. I have been learning now for seven years with Greg and in itself this speaks volumes about Greg’s professionalism. In my opinion, Greg is just the best. Highly recommended!

Peter Prothero June 19, 2017

Piano teacher found!

I have tried various piano lessons over the last two years for my children, and I am thankful to have finally found a teacher like Greg. He takes his responsibility as a teacher seriously and tutors my children in an honest and correct manner. Greg is clear about where they are up to and what they need to work on to progress. He accommodates and encourages my children’s interest and inquisitiveness and they look forward to his lessons each week. I wholeheartedly recommend Greg to anyone who asks me about piano lessons.

Jeni June 25, 2017

To My Teacher Greg Norman

I am a 74 year old taking piano lessons for 7 years and 6 months. It has been an excellent learning experience for me, he is a extra ordinary teacher and very dedicated to is teaching he is good at explaining things and helping me understand the theory behind the music.

One favorite thing about Greg is that he will very gently push you to do your utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical details but to the emotion and story that every piece should express, he does this kindly and patiently.

I look forward to my lessons each week and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who asks me about piano lessons.

Michael July 10, 2017

Family of three

Greg has been teaching my three very different age and level children for a number of years now. He seems to understand each child and what pieces they are likely to enjoy playing. He teaches theory through the practice at the various levels to ensure the kids are understanding the music they are learning to play.

Alana Dowley July 17, 2017

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Greg Norman’s Piano lessons and/or Music Theory lessons…
Styles: Classical, Modern
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Post-Graduate, AMEB/ABRSM exams
Suitability: Ages 7 years and up to any age, any experience level. Lessons are weekly.
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