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Oct 9 / Greg

5 Finger Scale Position Exercise

This 5 Finger Scale Position Exercise is a good warm-up exercise and can be practised in a variety of ways with different rhythms, patterns and touches.

The third bar is a transition to the next major scale hand position one semitone higher. The Lochrian mode is the note group 7-1-2-3-4 of any major scale. In this case, Db major.

If knowledge of all the scales is not complete, the exercise can be worked out by building and playing the major scale group 1 T 2 T 3 S 4 T 5 where T and S are tone and semitone distances between each note/key. Starting on C this gives C D E F G.

From here, lower or flatten the 3rd note a semitone to get the minor mode, then lower notes 2 and 5 of this mode by a semitone to get the transition (Lochrian) mode. Start again in the major mode on Db. Continue on up non-stop through all keys chromatically until back to C, an octave higher.

Start slowly with separate hands. Always listen to the quality of the sound above all else.

Speed and agility are secondary to tonal beauty. Try to make every note played the best tone quality possible in every thing that is practiced.

Remember, you are training your ears as well as your fingers.

Click on the image for a larger & more clear view of the 5 Finger Scale Position Exercise.

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