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Jan 8 / Greg

Piano Triad Chord Exercise

This Piano Triad Chord Exercise looks a lot more complicated in notation than it is to do, by following these instructions:

After playing the C major triad, lower* the middle note to get the minor triad then lower the top note of the minor triad to get the diminished triad. Now lower the bottom note of the diminished triad to get the next major triad – B major.

Continue on in this manner until you get down to the C major triad again.

The note/key lowering sequence is: middle, top, bottom always in that order.

*Only lower every note/key by a semitone – to the very next door key below whether it is black or white.

Play chords softly with firm pressure and make sure to hear all notes sounding “as one”.

Piano Triad Chord ExerciseIt is a great advantage to say the letter names of the chords, out loud, as you play them – C major, C minor, C diminished, B major etc. This will aid in locating chords randomly and cement the relationship between the keyboard chord pattern and its name. The idea is to learn the chords, this is not designed as a reading exercise. Therefore, look at the keyboard when playing this exercise.

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