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May 21 / Greg

Piano For Sale


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I have my Ronisch piano for sale at AU$1,900.00 and it is located in Victoria Park, Western Australia. It has served me well over the last 5 years and it’s time to upgrade to a piano which will better support my advanced students, over the long term. So, I am selling my much loved Ronisch upright piano.

image-ronisch-piano-for-sale-03The piano was previously owned by a piano teacher, who had it for 14 years. After she had passed on, it stayed in the family another 12 years before I saw it advertised in 2007.

The instrument has been very reliable and has improved in tone and tuning stability as a result of regular tuning and maintenance over the time I have owned it.

This piano was built around the time of the first World War and features a particularly fine example of the Ronisch burr walnut, wood grain finish.

image-ronisch-piano-for-sale-08The Ronisch piano has long been a favourite among piano teachers due to its fine, clear tone and highly consistent manufactured quality.

Anyone looking to get a Ronisch is advised to look for instruments made before the second World War, as the original factory in Dresden, Germany was destroyed by allied bombing in the latter stages of the war. All of the manufacturing equipment was lost.

image-ronisch-piano-for-sale-07The factory was re-established in Leipzig after the war, but has never manufactured pianos of the same tonal beauty as did the original.

Carl Ronisch, was one of the foremost pioneers of piano-building in his time. He was first to use a full cast-iron plate in the piano, employing five struts and completely covering the wrest-plank (pin block), which for the first time, allowed a high-tension scale.

image-ronisch-piano-for-sale-02This is considered the beginning of the use of full cast-metal plates and is today, standard in the industry.

Ronisch instruments have won gold medals in the world exhibitions in Sydney, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Chicago and Paris.

If you are looking for a piano and interested in buying mine use my Email Contact to get in touch.

Due to my teaching commitments, I’ll need to have a piano available during the change over.

Collection of the piano ideally wants to happen on a Thursday morning. If that is not suitable we might be able to come to another mutually agreed arrangement.

I do not provide delivery transport, yet I can recommend a piano removal service to you. Alternatively, you could search online for the term “piano removals perth”.

The black, wooden, adjustable piano practice chair is not included in the price of the piano. The chair retails new at $600 and I have not yet decided whether to also offer it for sale. Ask me about that one when you contact me. 🙂


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