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Jan 4 / Greg

Happy new year for 2013 from Greg Norman

image-play-piano-new-year-2013I wish you all a very happy new year for 2013.

The new season for piano lessons has begun. If you are an existing piano student, I have resumed teaching… following a week’s break between Christmas and New Year.

If you are considering learning to play the piano, there is no better time to begin, than today! My contact details are below.

Recently, while watching a documentary about how modern life has sped up, it occurred to me that, in this fast paced life with its many changes, learning to play the piano is one of those wonderfully reliable constants.

If you’d like some “time-out” each week, to enjoy the pleasure of doing something just for you, consider taking up learning to play the piano. Naturally, only approach me if you already have your own piano and if you will commit to your regular, weekly lessons.

Piano playing improves your concentration, increases your ability to focus and keeps your brain in peak condition.

Scientists are beginning to discover, and often prove, that mental training has the power to change the physical structure of the brain, no matter what our age. You might enjoy this talk by Dr. Norman Doidge, to find out more about that.

The following snippet of information is interesting too…

“Frances Rauscher, an Irvine researcher, has been working with preschool children in Los Angeles. One group of 3-year-olds received weekly piano lessons and participated in daily sessions of group singing. Another group did not get the extra training. After a year, she said, the musically trained children scored 80 percent higher on tests of spatial and temporal reasoning, an ability that underlies many kinds of mathematics and engineering. … Could this explain why so many physicists and mathematicians are also gifted musicians?” [Source: The Mystery Of Music: How It Works In The Brain]

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Greg Norman’s Piano lessons and/or Music Theory lessons…
Styles: Classical, Modern
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Post-Graduate, AMEB/ABRSM exams
Suitability: Ages 7 years and up to any age, any experience level. Lessons are weekly.
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