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Aug 31 / Greg

Music Education and Brain Development

Music education changes the anatomy and function of the brain.

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There is a great deal of research to support all the benefits in taking up playing a musical instrument for the purpose of brain development in alternative disciplines.

The following are just a few that you might like to explore further:

Music training in childhood fundamentally alters the nervous system such that neural changes persist in adulthood after auditory training has ceased.

Studies have shown that assiduous instrument training from an early age can help the brain to process sounds better, making it easier to stay focused when absorbing other subjects, from literature to tensor calculus.

The cognitive structures developed through music instruction exposed and illuminated more general organizing structures relevant for multiple disciplines.

The combined results of 12 experimental studies indicate a positive relationship between voluntary music study and math achievement.

Multiple studies indicate that early music instruction is linked to significant improvements in students’ spatial reasoning abilities.

The combined results of 30 studies indicate that music instruction is linked to significantly improved reading skills.

Researchers have found a correlation between three or more years of instrumental music training and enhanced auditory discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and nonverbal reasoning.

Playing a musical instrument significantly enhances the brainstem’s sensitivity to speech sounds. This relates to encoding skills involved with both music and language.

Children with music training had significantly better verbal memory than those without such training, and the longer the training, the better the verbal memory.

Adults who had trained on a Western musical instrument for at least six years before age 12 had significantly better verbal memories, as demonstrated by a word recall list, than those without any musical training.

Those links to research and more can be found at this website link.

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