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Jun 24 / Greg

Piano lessons during COVID-19 pandemic

Piano lessons were via Skype until 21 June. Face-to-face teaching resumed 22 June, 2020, and…


1. During lessons, everyone (over age 10) please wear a mask. New masks are provided for you. When you are able to begin bringing your own mask to lessons, then this is very much appreciated.
IMPORTANT: Remove your used mask ONLY once you’re out the front door, then discard it at home.

2. Should you have any covid symptom call ahead, do not come to your lesson and please get tested.

3. Before lessons, please wash your hands for minimum 20-secs. using soap and water (bathroom is adjacent to the music room).

4. No more than 3 adults in the teaching room at one time (including myself) because the room is 12.6 square metres i.e. 4 square metres per person. Two children under 10, equal one adult.

5. Please read the entire message on this post then re-read the four requests, above.

I ask that you wear a mask because it’s easier for only a short period each week, than for myself to wear a mask for all lessons. Children under 10 don’t need to wear masks unless encouraged by parent.

Successful Infection = Exposure x Time

Mask wearing is recommended for indoor areas where it is difficult to keep 1.5 metres apart and where we’re in close contact more than 15 minutes, face to face, cumulative over the course of a week.

Our exposure is high, due to the time we’re together (up to an hour), our proximity to each other, the fact we are indoors and the number of students seen each week. You might have noticed also, that I’m in the high risk age group (over 70). 🙂 Lessons are in our home and we’d like to keep it a safe haven.

playpianolessonsperth covid mask gif Thank you for the inspiration for this gif image

Until we have been vaccinated this IS our “new normal”!

Perth is doing a great job at keeping the virus suppressed. However, there has been no declaration that the virus has been eradicated and many new people do still enter our state for a variety of reasons.

We need to continue supporting our medical teams, hospitals and vulnerable populations or those with compromised immune systems.

You might trust me and you trust you. Yet, can you 100% rely on every contact of me, of you and of every other piano student, to not be the next radix of asymptomatic transmission?

To help yet further, I provide the following…

Distance is maintained as best as is practicable, a Breville Smart Air Plus Purifier with Microbe Shield Light is on during lessons, the teaching room is adequately sized and has never more than 3 people (including myself).

The piano keys and door handles are wiped clean with disinfectant wipes between lessons. Disinfectant spray is sometimes used between classes too.

Thank you for your understanding (and my wife is super appreciative of your consideration, also).

Coronavirus information for you:

Condition Of Entry That Customers Wear A Mask

World Health Organization COVID-19

Australian Government Department Of Health COVID-19

Western Australia Government COVID-19

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