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STUDENT Testimonials

Testimonials from past and present piano students. More will be added as time goes on. You can add your own at this link here plus at this page here, it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Greg Norman

I have had lessons from Greg for about 3 years and have learnt a lot. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of music is evident, and he is very patient and generous with his time. I’m an adult learner who has come back to the piano after a long break and am really glad that I did.

Katrine April 18, 2017

Impressed and Very Appreciative.

I am a mature-age student of Gregs and cannot speak highly enough of his teaching skills. Always patient, Greg continually makes me strive to do my very best. I have been learning now for seven years with Greg and in itself this speaks volumes about Greg’s professionalism. In my opinion, Greg is just the best. Highly recommended!

Peter Prothero June 19, 2017

Piano teacher found!

I have tried various piano lessons over the last two years for my children, and I am thankful to have finally found a teacher like Greg. He takes his responsibility as a teacher seriously and tutors my children in an honest and correct manner. Greg is clear about where they are up to and what they need to work on to progress. He accommodates and encourages my children’s interest and inquisitiveness and they look forward to his lessons each week. I wholeheartedly recommend Greg to anyone who asks me about piano lessons.

Jeni June 25, 2017

To My Teacher Greg Norman

I am a 74 year old taking piano lessons for 7 years and 6 months. It has been an excellent learning experience for me, he is a extra ordinary teacher and very dedicated to is teaching he is good at explaining things and helping me understand the theory behind the music.

One favorite thing about Greg is that he will very gently push you to do your utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical details but to the emotion and story that every piece should express, he does this kindly and patiently.

I look forward to my lessons each week and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who asks me about piano lessons.

Michael July 10, 2017

Playing Piano is still extremely enjoyable 30 years on

I started learning piano with Greg back in late 1978 when I was 7 years old. I was a student until late 1988 and completed AMEB pianoforte eighth grade with an A grading, AMEB Music Theory fifth grade with 94% and VCE Music.
Greg is a very patient teacher who has given me piano and music knowledge I still enjoy to this day. It has also given me extremely good memory recall and very strong fingers. I have a tendency to type very hard on a computer keyboard!
Piano playing skills are something that can stay with you for a lifetime, even long after the formal lessons have finished.
Thanks for the gift Greg.
Michael Wong
Melbourne, Victoria

Michael Wong November 24, 2018

Setting the kids up for success

Greg taught all three of my kids for a number of years. Through school music programs my children have gone on to learn flute, trumpet and saxophone. The grounding that they received through Greg’s tuition has held them in great stead for solid musicianship. They wound up their lessons in piano in 2018 to concentrate on their orchestral instruments but they continue to enjoy playing the piano at home. We would strongly recommend Greg as a teacher for all ages and abilities.

Alana Dowley February 11, 2019

Great music teacher

I left my previous music teacher, disheartened and losing a previous passion for the piano. I found Mr Norman via this website and decided to give him a try. Mr Norman was not only patient and informative, but also full of knowledge about the history and the theory behind piano playing, integrating these naturally into his lessons to deliver a well-rounded musical education. After these five years, I can safely say that he has reignited my desire to learn and play the piano.

Victor Sun February 15, 2019


I started with Greg 5 years ago as a rank beginner and an adult to boot. Through Greg’s deep knowledge and passion for music and teaching, I have learned far more than I would have thought possible. He is a very patient and considerate teacher, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Ben Horwood June 10, 2019

Best piano teacher we ever had

Greg is my son’s (turning 12 in June 19) 5th piano teacher and is the best. His patience, musical skills and knowledge impressed me in the first lesson he gave to my son. Later I found out how polite and generous he is. Greg is a good piano teacher and a real gentleman. It is a pity that my son’s talent and interest are more on drawing than music. We would strongly recommend Greg to anyone (child or adult) who wants to learn piano.

Maggie Zhou June 10, 2019

Greg is an “A” class teacher

I am a mature age student and Greg has found the balance I need to learn beginner pieces without it ever being childish. Greg teaches techniques obviously but also dips into theory, just enough to satisfy my curiosity without it being overwhelming. He is patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. I recently attempted my first AMEB exam in over 10 years and although I was extremely nervous, all the foundational work by Greg paid off and I got an A. Thank you, Greg.

Matt Devenish December 8, 2020

A Mother’s tick of approval 🙂

Greg teaches my 11year old Son, who at times is a reluctant learner! However, despite this Greg is able to encourage and progress his skills in a patient and gentle way, which we both appreciate. I would highly recommend Greg as a piano teacher for your child.

Helen December 8, 2020

Thank you Greg!

Greg is an exceptional teacher! My daughter Martina (6 years old) has been taking lessons with Greg.
He is a very patience and incredible teacher! Martina really enjoys her sessions with him.

Thank you for everything!

Cecilia January 19, 2022

Greg, a great piano teacher

My daughter started her piano lessons with Greg from her 6 years old. I really appreciate Greg giving her a extremely great start of her piano study. His patience, the tone he speaks and kindness make my daughter loves him so much even though she is too shy to speak much to him.

Now we have made a hard decision to move to another teacher who teaches near where we live, but I highly recommend Greg if you have a young child who wants to learn piano because Greg will make him/her enjoy practising at home with no drama.

Jessica October 7, 2022

Truly inspirational!

Greg is very knowledgeable and skilled, he is absolutely brilliant in what he does and is of great help to meet your goals and make dreams come true! Truly inspirational piano teacher and I love his appreciation for music 🎶!!!

Ruby November 24, 2022


I contacted Greg in March 2022 after months of (unsuccessfully) trying to teach myself how to play the piano. I have been doing piano lessons for a year now, and it’s fair to say Greg is a much better piano teacher than I am! I have noticed a remarkable improvements in both my piano skills and my overall musicianship in the past year. I look forward to my weekly piano lessons because I always discover something new.

Greg is a passionate teacher with extensive knowledge about piano, music history, and music theory. These qualities make him an excellent teacher for music students who are curious and motivated.

Kuda Juru April 19, 2023

Forever Grateful

I have been with Greg Norman for over 6 years. What an amazing experience. His knowledge of music, skill as a teacher, and patience with a middle aged student (me) is outstanding. I have learnt more about the art of piano playing, than I ever thought I would be capable of. Forever grateful.

Greg D. June 6, 2023

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