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Jun 19 / Greg

10 Important Notes For Piano Students

Ten quick requests to be sure everything runs smoothly during and beyond. Please read through them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Never park on our driveway or verge. The street is wide and there’s plenty of room on the opposite side or around the corner. Walking is healthy. 🙂


Please arrive on time. My schedule is often tight and I want to make sure everyone has enough time.


At your lesson start time, ring the doorbell. Yes, definitely interrupt by doing this! I’ll then know you’re here and won’t run over time.


Everyone (including parents & siblings), please clean your hands using the hand wash provided. It is now proven, washing hands can actually prevent about 30% of those yucky tummy sicknesses and around 20% of respiratory infections like colds. Learn about this research here.


I kindly request that no more than 3 individuals, including myself, be present in the room at any given time. While gastro and covid are on the rise (Nov. 2023), if parents who’ve already been to a few lessons are happy to wait outside it would be appreciated.


Everyone (including accompanying adults/siblings), thoroughly stamp and wipe your shoes before entering our home. Particularly on wet days!


If you ever need to miss a lesson, give 24-hour notice notice or let me know as soon as you know.


If you have any hint or sign of illness please cancel your lesson. I also ask that you do not bring along siblings who are unwell.


Not having practiced is never a good excuse to miss a lesson! In fact, it’s the perfect reason to have your lesson that week.


If you’re ever uncertain about holiday dates, they are always published on the home page of this web site.

Thank you, in advance. 🙂

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