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Jun 19 / Greg

First time piano student information

Important information for first time piano students (and current students) …

1. Vehicles need to be parked on the road and NEVER in our driveway.

2. Please arrive for lessons right on time (not late or early). Student times are often back to back.

3. I have a SafeWA QR code for you to scan. Please bring your mobile phone.

4. Please wash hands before sitting at the piano (en suite bathroom is adjacent to the music room).

5. If you’ve not yet done so, please click & complete this online form

6. Always ring the doorbell on arrival, so I’ll know that you’re here. Otherwise, I’m likely to cut into your time, with the lesson before yours.

7. There is no need to remove footwear. However, please always wipe your feet really well.

8. If you’re ever likely to miss a lesson, please send me a text message or call as soon as you know. Preferably, at least 24-hours notice.

9. Having not practiced during the week is never an excuse for missing any lesson. In fact, it’s the perfect reason for showing up!

10. Parents are encouraged to sit in during lessons. No more than 4 persons in the room (including myself).

11. During the covid pandemic I had posted this special page for students

I appreciate your consideration, with each of the above listed.


Oh yes, almost forgot! My wife (and webmaster) asked me to give you a nudge about this…

Once you’ve had a reasonable number of lessons with me, would you kindly drop a brief testimonial at this page

Thank you, in advance. 🙂

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Suitability: Ages 7 years and up to any age, any experience level. Lessons are weekly.
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